How to Clean Messy Kitchen

The kitchen is the most useful and important home place but gets dirty dust. The kitchen needs regular maintenance because our healthy life depends on kitchen hygiene. If our kitchen is not cleaned regularly, it will cause many kinds of diseases for us. So we should always keep our kitchen neat and clean. Here we discuss some important tricks on how to clean messy kitchen fast.

clean messy kitchen

Adjust Your Schedule

This method saves you time, you can make a routine for adjusting time to keep clean the kitchen and wash a lot of dishes. If you are a job holder you maintain a tight schedule of your daily work. Likewise, try to at least 20 minutes clean your kitchen. If you don’t work 20 minutes all together break up time in 10 minutes. Work 10 minutes in the morning and take 10 minutes at night or after dinner.

Wash Dishes, Floor, And Surfaces

Wash your dishes carefully and wipe your kitchen floor. For better results use floor cleaner to keep the floor hygienic. Use basil soap and warm water after dishwashing because this mixture gives your sink an extra look and spreads an amazing smell. Sweep down the kitchen cabinet once a week. Keep bin bags in the kitchen to throw kitchen waste and empty these bin bags regularly. After completing dishwasher and sink work, you start meal preparation, when you complete cooking food remember that clean dish that needs washing.

Set A Reminder

When you spend time at home you may be busy and sometimes you forget to clean the kitchen regularly. Overcome this situation set time to bring back your attention.

Check Your Weekend List

You can make a cleaning list where you list important work done on the weekend day. Some nights you will order food to eat at home or you may invite your relative or your friend. On this day you can just wipe your kitchen. Sometimes you may need to repair kitchen appliances you can choose a weekend day to do this work. The top of the refrigerator is a dust magnet so cover this area with a sheet of wax paper or decorative towel. Change this cover once a month.

Complete Maintenance Work Once A Month

Sometimes need to replace kitchen appliances like stainless steel pots, and pans may burn and create spots. Knives get rough and spotty which needs to be shiny again. The kitchen cabinet needs to be polished or changed. Need extra dishes or your guest? Maintain your wooden cutting board performance if you can’t able by this board exchange this cutting board. Your refrigerator may not work gently or your electric oven not work properly. You can choose a weekend day or once a month to repair this work.
Use The Right Cleaning Tools

Sometimes you need some repair tools for your kitchen. Keep these tools in a certain place otherwise, you have to run around your house. Most probably you need not more than 10 different kitchen cleaners to remove under kitchen sink waste. Organize all cleaning tools in the kitchen cabinet to make easy your work.

Keep Clean Countertops Clear

Messy countertops create an unhygienic situation and less inspiration for cooking. Here we discuss some countertop cleaning tricks. Your Cooking spoons, stirring spoons, and measuring spoons on the top of the counter.

For cleaning wood countertops need hot Water, white vinegar, metal pastry scraper, cloths, lemon, and salt. Keep wood clean ready a mix of warm water with distilled white vinegar and apply Gently to remove food spots. After doing this work wipe the area to completely dry. Remove hard stains using half lemon with salt and apply this stain area. Wipe this area with water and vinegar.

Waste Management

Most of the time we keep all our waste in bin bags. But some waste can be recycled. Deciduous waste and plastic waste are different. If keep this waste in two different bags it will be better for you. Plastic wastage is not deciduous for this reason it will be very harmful to our environment. It breaks our environmental cycle. But if we keep plastic waste.


Develop your cooking skills, it will help you generate a new idea about kitchen skills. Our cleaning tips less a cleaning tip compared to our everyday life. If you search online you will get a lot of information about kitchen cleaning tips.

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