Creative Ideas for Kids Bathrooms

ideas for kids bathroom

Sleep expert and professional interior designer Jennifer Adams is back to answer your questions and provide some helpful advice! Today, Jennifer responds to a reader’s question about some creative ideas for kids bathroom:


Using a Nautical Theme for the Kids’ Bathroom

I really appreciate you reaching out! I can see why you’d be attracted to an ocean motif for the kids’ bathroom. It really does make a lot of sense – kids typically like it, it can be gender-neutral so it works for both girls and boys, and there are so many cute ocean-related things you can do. Ocean themes are understandably popular for kids’ bathroom décor, with all the bright colors and the natural connection to water. To make it a little more sophisticated, have you considered going with a more rustic theme? For example, you could put down a tile floor that looks like a wooden boat deck, and you could mount some towel hooks that are old, or maybe even look like something you’d use on a sailboat.


More Creative Ideas for Making It Feel Rustic

If you like a more general rustic theme, you could paint some old farm or gardening tools on the wall. You could then accessorize with rustic buckets, shelving, old signs, and distressed finishes to make the cabinetry look like barn wood. If you like the rustic sailboat theme, you could expand on that by stitching some nautical numbers onto a plain white shower curtain. And if you can find an old ship’s steering wheel, that would make a perfect wall art feature. With just a little extra effort, you can use the steering wheel as a base to create a unique, round mirror for the bathroom.


Turn Their Bathroom into a Jungle Safari

A jungle or safari theme would be also fun. If you restrict yourself from getting too cutesy or juvenile with it, this is also a theme that can grow right along with your kids as they continue to grow. If you’re not sure you can paint a straight line, that’s OK – you can also find inspiration from giraffe spots, zebra stripes, or other interesting, nonlinear wildlife features.


Or, Just Run with Some Fun Colors and Patterns

Of course, you can always just go with some great color combinations and patterns. For example, you could try sage greens or teal colors, and complement with an earthy orange and cream or white. Have fun with accents such as shower curtains with bold shapes, matching towels, rugs, soaps, and countertop accessories. If you’re feeling a little more creative, buy an extra matching shower curtain. Cut out the shapes (or just some squares of the fabric) and glue them randomly on the wall or put them in some picture frames for a more coordinated look!


Make Your Home a Welcoming Space for Everyone in It

If this is a bathroom that will primarily be used by your children, then it’s a good idea to involve them in the selection process. While you’re at it, let them help with the actual creation and/or mounting of decorations, too! If it’s a bathroom they had a part in helping to create, they’re bound to like it more, and will hopefully also be more motivated to help keep it looking nice. And when you’re ready to spruce up the bedroom and help it feel more comfortable, check out the Luxury Bedding Collections from Jennifer Adams!

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