how to manage business from homeThe reality of business from home can be that your electricity bill goes up, that your chocolate addiction increases, that you spend an unnecessary amount of time surfing the internet and that you are alone when you get your monthly panic attack because you have no fixed income.


At first, I was very disappointed, but now that I have been working from home for a month, I also see all the benefits that working from home brings and of course you have to follow certain rules otherwise all of the above will become reality in no time. Therefore for you, my tips for getting success in your own business from home are given below.


If possible, sit in a position, so that you have an overview at the office. It may sound a bit floaty, but in recent years I have worked in many different ways and many different places and take it from me, you get the most rest when you have an overview of your workplace. In my case, this means with my back to the wall, with a view of the door. You get the most restlessness when you sit with your back to the door. You unconsciously feel that you have no control over the space. I think it is comparable to just swimming in a 25-meter pool and feeling like you are being chased by a shark, even though you know this is very unlikely.

Create a place with things that inspire you

Whether it is a bookcase with books that you can draw inspiration from or a wall with quotes and inspiring images, it does not matter, but make a place where you can go during enormous inspirational moments.

Make sure you have a schedule for your day

Schedules or to-do lists are essential when you work for yourself. I always make a plan of what I want to achieve that week in Asana (indispensable program) and make a to-do list for the next day every day at the end of the day. Without a schedule, little will come out of my hands.

Use the cloud, so you are always flexible

There are days when you may not want to work at home and you need a change of scenery. Make sure you are flexible at all times. Being self-employed is one of your major advantages and strengths that you can be flexible. By saving your files with Google Drive or, in a Dropbox, the whole world is your office.  Of course, it is fantastic that you do not necessarily have to sit behind your desk at eight o’clock, but do not forget that you too have to take hours to finish your work.

Determine the number of hours you want to work every week and divide this over the days you work. Now determine from what time to what time you are going to work and stick to it. This can be from nine to five, but this can also be from twelve to eight. Choose what works for you.

Stay away from the kitchen

Vacuuming, ironing and doing a quick wash are often welcome distractions from working in a home office. The things that you normally don’t want to do after a day at the office are suddenly an attractive distractor during your workday. My house was suddenly spotless in the first week of my home office, then I knew something went wrong! Do not force yourself to do these things during the working hours agreed with yourself.

Join a networking club or visit business-related events

There is a disadvantage to working at home and that is that you can get isolated fairly quickly. It is therefore advisable to occasionally visit network events or business-related business events. In this way, you not only stay among people, but you can also find new customers or collaborate with other companies.

Make sure you have a piggy bank for the bad times

As a self-employed person you sometimes have a lot of work and then a little less. You gradually learn to cope with this stress. At times make sure that you put money aside in a savings account. You don’t have to get stressed immediately if you have less money for a period.

Schedule time for self-development

The better your skills, the more you are worth. The self-employed can sometimes focus so much on finding new customers that they forget to free up time for study and self-development. The field of online marketing in which I work, developments are going so fast that I make time every month to follow the latest articles and updates. Investigate whether any fun courses will help you It doesn’t have to be expensive. Udemy is a course center where people like you and I share their knowledge.

Enjoy your freedom

You didn’t start for yourself for anything. If you love surfing, unplug the power cord if the waves are to your advantage. Or go to the beach on one of those very hot summer days. Work as efficiently as possible, but don’t forget to enjoy the benefits of being your boss.

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