A hand mixer or a stand mixer is a necessary tool in the kitchen nowadays. Whether you are baking a cake or you want to make some cookies today. It is not a matter of recommendation, you can have either one. It’s about functionality, versatility, and price. Both have their own Pros and Cons, there are several cooking jobs that are better suited for one or the other mixer. There are so many factors, what do you like to bake? The size of the hand or stand mixer or space available in your kitchen etc. Before the arrival of these mixers, you would have to stir the dough for your cookies by hand. Thanks to the technology, now you just have to push a button and your electric mixer will do the job for you. If you are going to set up a new kitchen or remodeling your existing one, you can always check our list of Kitchen tools and Essential Kitchen Appliances.

Now, the problem is whether to do it with an electric hand mixer or a stand mixer? There are pros and cons of both electric hand mixer and stand mixer and we have listed them for you.


A Quick Glance

  • Hand Mixer: If you bake occasionally and don’t use a mixer often. Or you have less space available in your kitchen or want to have a cheaper solution. A hand mixer is well fit for you and will perform all your mixing tasks.
  • Stand Mixer: If baking is your hobby and you bake a lot. Or you want to have a powerful multi-tasking appliance. You should go with a stand mixer. Stand mixers are perfect for tough and hard doughs. It will mix thick doughs in a matter of minutes.


Should I Buy A Hand Mixer?

If you do not bake often or need a mixer just to mix the batter, whip cream, whisk eggs or similar small tasks. Then a hand mixer is a perfect option for you. You don’t have to buy an expensive and space taking appliance like a stand mixer. Hand mixers are fairly small in size and compact thus easy to carry and portable. They are fairly easy to clean and keep. Due to their small size, they have limited attachment tools, though some have a few more attachments. A hand mixer is a basic tool in the kitchen and usually in the first thing you purchase while setting up your kitchen. Electric hand mixers usually cost under $100 and are cost effective.

Low-cost hand mixers usually come with simple flat beaters. But some expensive hand mixers include extra attachments like dough hooks and a balloon whisk.

As it is easy to handle a hand mixer you will be in charge of the beaters and their path, it is easy to moving the beaters around to ensure that no ingredients are missed. On the other hand its a drawback too, you have to hold the mixer in your hand and move around the entire time you are using a hand mixer. If you are doing some intensive baking they can cause pain in your hand or wrist. Also, they don’t have splash guards, so it will be hard for you to prevent the ingredients from splashing around.

The drawback of electric hand mixers is that the motors aren’t that powerful. So you will only be able to use them on thinner and soft doughs or other light material. Usually, they come with a limit on the volume of dough you can mix with the hand mixer, or how long you can mix. This limit is for the protection of the device as hand mixers have small motors and there is a chance of overheating and burning with intense non-stop use. This low power motor is the reason that these hand mixers have fewer speed settings than a powerful stand mixer.


  • Small in size.
  • Easy to store.
  • Cost effective.
  • Good for small baking tasks.


  • Low Power and a small motor.
  • Have fewer attachments.
  • Can’t be used for thick doughs and intensive baking tasks.
  • Can be tiring as you have to hold its entire time.


Should I Buy A Stand Mixer?

Stand Mixers have fixed stand and mixing bowl, with a lever operated arm on which you can fit various mixing attachments. Stand mixers use a planetary mixing action. They just don’t mix in the center of the bowl, the attachments move around the bowl to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Stand Mixers have heavy duty motors and you will be able to mix the things faster than a hand mixer. They allow you to mix, blend and beat for longer periods of time without getting tired.

Usually, stand mixers have more tools and attachments as compared the hand mixers. They usually come with a balloon whisk, dough hook and flat beaters. Some stand mixers also come with a beater with flexible silicon edges to any unmixed ingredients off the side of the bowl for proper mixing. Some expensive models can have additional attachments such as mincers, food processors, jug blenders and even ice cream makers.  The large mixing bowl of stand mixers prevents splashing of ingredients. As we live in a modern age, so there are stand mixers with timers, bells, automatic stop, and various other programmable functions. Usually, stand mixers come with splash guard, so there is less chance of ingredients to splash out of the bowl, these splash guards will keep the ingredients in the bowl. So stand mixers may seem expensive initially but they can perform many tasks with the additional attachments and can save your money and time.

However, stand mixers cost much more than a simple hand mixer and it’s difficult to buy if you are short on cash. Stand mixers are not portable and it can be a tiresome work to clean all parts of a stand mixer. They are large and heavy and will take considerable space in your kitchen.


  • Powerful motor so can mix larger quantities and thicker ingredients.
  • Variety of attachments.
  • Perfect for intensive mixing.
  • Have mixing bowl and splash guards included, Easy and effortless mixing.


  • More expensive.
  • Use more electricity.
  • Large and heavy, so they are not portable.
  • Some models struggle with smaller quantities.

Should I Buy a Hand Mixer Or Stand Mixer?

Well, it actually depends on your needs. At least you should have an electric hand mixer in your kitchen as it is a basic tool for a kitchen. But if baking is your hobby and you beat and blend a lot then you really should go for the high power and extra functions of a stand mixer.