If we take a look at the historical evolution of kitchens, notable developments are circulation of purpose and arrangement of the kitchen in our homes. And one of the most difficult things to do when you have less space available is designing your kitchen. With technical advancements and architectural improvements in ventilation and distribution of space, kitchens have become a central piece of house arrangement and design. The idea of Open Concept Kitchen Or Open Kitchen is not new nowadays, especially in modern homes.

After setting up your open concept kitchen you will surely be in need of some new kitchen appliances and tools for the kitchen. We have created a list of Essential Kitchen Appliance and Must-Have Kitchen Tools for your help.

We have created a photo gallery for open kitchen designs. Here are some amazing open concept kitchen (open kitchen) designs for your home or apartment.

  • Open Kitchen Design 1


Open Kitchen Design 1

Dining areas are usually adjacent to Open Kitchens and act as a buffer between kitchen space and living room/area. This beautiful and decent open kitchen is designed by an architect Randy Bens.


open kitchen design 2

Previously kitchens were treated as a workspace and usually tucked at the back of the house. But this open kitchen design in the heart of the room shows the importance of kitchens nowadays. This fabulous open concept kitchen is designed by SAOTA Architects.


open kitchen design 3

A bigger open concept kitchen for a bigger house. If you have a lot of space available in your house and don’t want the living area, dining area and your open concept kitchen adjacent to each other. This beautiful open concept kitchen design is for you, designed by Aileen Sage Architects.


open kitchen design 4

Another variation from the usual open kitchen designs. With no dining area between your open concept kitchen and your living/sitting area. This concept can work for small spaces too if you can manage to eat without sitting in a dining area. This beautiful and compact open kitchen design is also designed by SAOTA Architects.


open kitchen design 5

This decent and compact design with a wall covered with kitchen cabinets is one of the amazing open kitchen design for small spaces. This stunning open kitchen is designed by Modal Architecture.


open kitchen design 6

In modern homes, the idea of an open kitchen is not unusual. The concept these days is to make your home interior as fluid as possible without compromising on looks and functionality. This design is similar to previous designs where we eliminated the barrier between kitchen space and sitting area by removing the dining area. This fabulous open kitchen design is also designed by SAOTA Architects.


open kitchen design 7

This time open concept kitchen design is adjacent to the dining area. But without fixed restrictions or walls this design is still functional and user-friendly. This beautiful open kitchen design is designed by Tom Hurt Architecture.


open kitchen design 8

This design can be a perfect example of “Keeping it Simple”. A simple and fabulous open concept kitchen design, with dining area and adjacent living area. This beautiful open kitchen is designed by Tseh Architectural Group.


open kitchen design 9

Keep the dining area separate from the living area and your open kitchen. This large open concept kitchen design without any fixed walls between your kitchen, dining area, and living area is a smart idea from Smart Design Studio.

This kitchen design also include curtains to provide private space.


open kitchen design 10

This design is one of my personal favorites. If you have a beautiful lawn in your home this open concept kitchen design is for you. Free movement, open space, beautiful and you can count on the features of this awesome open kitchen design. Tamara Wibowo Architects have designed this beautiful kitchen.


open kitchen design 11

The view does matter. Like the previous one, this open kitchen design also focuses on the view from the kitchen. There is a glass wall to provide you with a beautiful view of your swimming pool or lawn. Dining area and sitting area are adjacent like some other kitchen designs. This beautiful open concept kitchen design is a creation of  Chan Architecture.


open kitchen 12

Simple and beautiful open concept kitchen design. A beautiful design again by SAOTA Architects, keeping dining area, living area and kitchen in one place along with a beautiful view of lawn.


open kitchen design 13

This simple and compact open concept kitchen design is created by NatureHumaine. If you have less space available in your house or apartment. Or you don’t want your kitchen to take too much space in your home or apartment, this design will work for you.


open kitchen design 14

Simple but another compact and fabulous open concept kitchen design for small apartments. This fabulous and compact open kitchen is designed by Fateeva Design.


open kitchen design 15

Again a simple and compact design for small spaces. Dining area and kitchen are adjacent to each other with a colorful view of your lawn. This compact kitchen is a fabulous work of Dorrington Atcheson Architects.


open kitchen design 16

Daria Zinovatnaya has created this compact and simple open concept kitchen design for you. This one wall open kitchen is perfect for small homes and apartments.


open kitchen design 17

This simple and sleek open concept kitchen design is created by Cambuild and Banham Architects. This white kitchen is mainly for large spaces and dining area is the main focus in this open kitchen design.


open kitchen design 18

Stretching your kitchen along with the living area, this open kitchen is designed by platau. This open kitchen design for flats and apartments can be a good choice.


open kitchen design 19

No physical walls but you can easily see the boundary between the living area and dining & kitchen area. This design is mainly suitable for larger spaces and designed by Tense Architecture Network.


open kitchen design 20

Again the Galley type open concept kitchen design. These kind of open kitchens are efficient and working in easier as you have a lot of space available for utensils and appliances. But these galley type designers have its own drawback. This design is not so much for social interaction as it doesn’t include a dining or sitting area. This particular design is a work of A Fresh Touch Interiors.


open kitchen design 21

Another galley style open concept kitchen for you. But this time the designer has managed to find a beautiful view of your lawn from the glass windows. This airy and well lighted open kitchen is designed by Parsonson Architects.


open kitchen design 22

Suitable for both small and large spaces, this galley style open kitchen is designed by A Fresh Touch Interiors. Restaurants usually prefer galley type kitchens as they have a lot of space for cutting boards, utensils, and other appliances.



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