Not everyone enjoys cooking, Cooking can be hectic and difficult. We spend approximately 24 hours a month in cooking delicious meals. We all need some kitchen skill whether you are a student living alone OR You are a mother or a father preparing food for yourself and your family. Some people have a God gifted skill of cooking and cooking delicious meals is their hobby, some learn the skills of cooking by doing several courses and studying. While there are people like me who like to stay away from cooking and look for different kitchen hacks to cook their meals easily.
So, for people like me, I have managed to arrange a list of legit cooking hacks that will make your cooking easy.

Cooking Hacks

1. How to Keep Bacon from Splattering

keep bacon from splatteringBuzzfeed

You can keep your bacon from splattering and burning by adding a bit of water to the pan. It will help you cook a more tasty and crunchy slice of bacon while preventing it from splattering.


2. How to Cut Softer Foods Precisely

Cutting with dental flossLifeHack

Dental Floss can be used to cut soft foods. Cutting food items like Swiss rolls and Cakes can be messy sometimes, but you can avoid this messy situation using dental floss to cut the soft food item precisely.


3. How to Prevent Fish From Sticking to The Grill

Apply mayonnaise to fish

Mayonnaise can be used to prevent the fish from sticking to the grill. Just brush your fish with mayonnaise and let the mayonnaise make it easy for you.


4. How to make perfect Hash Browns

make hash browns using waffle iron

Making perfect hash browns can be difficult sometimes. But you can make perfect hash browns using Waffle Iron. For making perfect hash browns just put them in the waffle iron and enjoy the perfect hash browns with nice and even golden brown color.


5. How to Make Creamy Scrambled Eggs

If you want to make super creamy scrambled eggs, just add Mayonnaise or Cornstarch to your eggs and you will have creamy and delicious scrambled eggs.


6. How to Reheat Pizza


Reheated pizza can never be that tasty and delicious as a fresh one. The dough will become hard with time and cheese will not be soft enough.

So, here is a trick for you to retain the softness in pizza to some extent. Just place a glass of water with your pizza in your microwave while reheating your pizza and it will help to retain moisture and will keep your pizza fresh to some extent.


7. How to Store Herbs Easily

Store Herbs in Olive Oil

Herbs do play an important role in cooking tasty and delicious foods. For storing your herbs for later use, put them in olive oil and freeze them using an ice cube tray. Next time you just have to put a frozen herb cube in your food.


8. How to Prevent Boiled Vegetables From Drying

Boiled Vegetables

Your hot boiled vegetables will dry and wrinkle soon as the moisture evaporated from them. To keep moisture in your boiled vegetables use something like butter or oil to waterproof your boiled vegetables.


9. How to Prevent Cutting Board From Sliding

Cutting Board

If you have a slippery surface OR your cutting board is slipping and sliding around on the surface, use a wet dishtowel to prevent the sliding of cutting board on the surface.


10. How to Chop Onions Without Tears

Onion Tears Bread


Chopping onions can be really hard sometimes due to the tears. I have experienced this myself. To avoid this tearing just freeze your onions before chopping them. But make sure that you cook them soon after chopping them or the onions will become soggy. Also, you can hold a slice of bread in your mouth while chopping onions to avoid tearing.


11. How to Make Perfect Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes

If your mashed potatoes are not fluffy enough. Heres a hack for you to make them fluffy, just add a pinch of baking powder. The baking powder will use the heat of potatoes to create small air pockets and make them more fluffy.


12. How to Make a Juicy Turkey

Juicy Turkey

Are you afraid of a dry turkey? Try this hack to avoid dry turkey and to cook a perfect turkey. Just apply an ice pack on the breast before cooking the turkey. It will lower down the temperature of breasts and will cause it to cook slower than the other parts. This will retain the moisture and result in a juicy and delicious turkey.


If you have any kitchen hacks in your mind, feel free to suggest them in the comments.