The flooring of a house is one of its characterizing highlights. Wood flooring stays quite possibly the most famous alternatives, as it is a normally welcoming, delightful, and ageless material. While the older and more customary homes regularly have the first hardwood floors still set up, numerous more up to date homes are utilizing laminate. What is laminate flooring? It’s impersonation hardwood that makes a character appear to be like wood yet at a lower cost.

Hardwood and laminate flooring upsides and downsides leave you with a few things to consider. Without a doubt, when looking at laminate versus hardwood cost, laminate is normally the more moderate alternative. Yet, you likewise should see durability, fix, and the kind of room that the floor will be in. This article will analyze a part of the elements of laminate versus hardwood and assist you with concluding which is best for your home:

hardwood vs laminate flooring

Hardwood vs Laminate appearance


Pros – Hardwood flooring has an excellent, regular surface that appeals to some homeowners. You can browse various kinds of wood, colors, and styles that make up a wide array of alternatives.

Cons – Hardwood floors can be scratched effectively if not appropriately maintained. Furthermore, a few kinds of hardwood floors can be stained whenever it is exposed to direct sunlight for too long.


Pros – Laminate flooring doesn’t scratch as effectively as hardwood floors, so its appearance won’t change a lot over the long run.

Cons – Laminate flooring is manufactured, and even though its plan regularly duplicates the presence of wood, it doesn’t look as authentic.

Best for appearance: Hardwood flooring

Laminate vs Hardwood cost

The truth of flooring costs and what you can manage might be miles separated. Mull over the cost of laminate and hardwood flooring to figure out what is best for you.


Cons – Solid wood flooring can cost $5-$10 per square foot, including installation. Yet, remember that hardwood flooring is made of reaped trees; evaluating relies upon the kind of wood that you pick. By and large, hardwood is significantly more expensive to purchase and to install.


Pros – Laminate wood flooring is produced using composite wood squeezed together at high temperatures. The picture of hardwood is then positioned over the composite wood, covering it to shape the laminate. All things considered, 50% less than hardwood installation.

Laminate flooring can cost $3-$7 per square foot, including installation. Once more, the specific costs will shift contingent upon the kinds of materials utilized and the size of your home.

Best for cost: Laminate flooring

Hardwood vs Laminate Durability

Evaluate the traffic burden and mileage on flooring in your home. A more tough surface is simpler to keep up and will look extraordinary for quite a long time to come. Yet, how tough is laminate flooring when compared with hardwood?


Pros – Hardwood is a genuine article; it is stunning and, contingent upon the kind of wood, can enhance your home.

Cons – Hardwood is helpless to scratching, can get harmed from extreme dampness, and will show wear, particularly in vigorously dealt spaces.


Pros – Since laminate is produced using squeezed wood, it is more sturdy and opposes scratches, dampness, and mileage. Laminate flooring is likewise simpler to clean.

Cons – Even, however, laminate is tougher, it isn’t as outwardly engaging. Lower characteristics of the laminate may have fake-looking wood grain surfaces.

Best for durability: Laminate flooring

Best spaces for hardwood vs laminate flooring

Notwithstanding value, durability, and fix, you ought to likewise think about the best (and most noticeably terrible) places in the home for the two sorts of flooring.


Hardwood flooring is both delightful and genuinely strong, particularly in lower-traffic rooms like rooms and lounge areas. However, on the off chance that you have pets or a ton of pedestrian activity, your hardwood floors may show scratches and wear over the long run. Cellars and washrooms with a great deal of dampness are additionally bad places for hardwood flooring. Then again, persistent daylight can blur your hardwood flooring additional time too.


Since laminate flooring is so sturdy, it’s less helpless to mileage from pets and pedestrian activity. While it withstands dampness better than hardwood, it ought not to be in a consistently wet territory of the home. In light of its topcoat, laminate flooring normally doesn’t blur from daylight as fast and perceptibly as hardwood flooring and can be utilized securely in rooms with huge windows.

The Main Concern

Both hardwood and laminate flooring have their benefits and disadvantages. Hardwood accompanies a greater cost tag, however, they are simpler to fix and last more than laminate. Laminate flooring upsides and downsides incorporate that it doesn’t blur or scratch as much as hardwood, yet fixes may include re-installing the entire floor. To choose which choice is best for your home, gauge the advantages and disadvantages of each and think about your way of life. Having pets, small children or high traffic zones may impact your choice. Read more about remodeling your home in our guide about remodeling.